Earn Rewards with Homeros’ BURN2EARN

2 min readDec 28, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Homeros’ new venture, Burn-2-Earn (B2E).

The B2E events will enable users to burn HMR ERC20 tokens throughout the events, and users will receive rewards based on the number of tokens they pledged to burn. Thus, the higher the number of burn tokens pledged, the larger the share of rewards received.

How To Earn Token Rewards?

Before the first B2E event goes live in 2023 Q1, a tutorial will be released with details on how to use the Homeros B2E platform. The platform will further include a leaderboard that displays the following information:

1. Ranking
2. The number of pledged tokens to be burned by each participant
3. Rewards earned *published at the end of each event*
4. The corresponding partially censored wallet addresses

Here comes the exciting part! The pledged tokens to be burned will not be used by the Homeros foundation. These tokens will essentially be burned, which will result in reducing the total and circulating supply. The burn wallet address will be made public as ‘Proof-of-Burn.’

Note, the designated wallet address to send pledged HMR ERC20 tokens to will be listed on the Homeros website as the official reference when sending pledged HMR ERC20 tokens.

What Tokens Will Be Rewarded?

At the beginning of each event, the reward token of the partner project will be announced. Apart from token rewards, users will also have the chance to receive special NFTs as rewards.

When Will the Tokens Be Rewarded?

These reward tokens will be issued shortly after the event concludes. The exact distribution date will be announced via official social media channels.

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